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Wyatt McKinley

500+ RYT Yoga Instructor


It's great to have you!

My passion for health and wellness has brought me here on an unbounded mission for finding growth in body and mind through my yoga practice and training.

My yoga style is influenced by a  traditional and modern vinyasa practice specializing in mobility, strengthening, breath work, meditation, and longevity.

 My teaching style is lighthearted, creative, and fun. I promise! Beginners are not only welcome but embraced. My goal is to meet you wherever you are in your practice and challenge you and ignite you when you need it most.  I love to learn and collaborate. I find that deepening our connection with ourselves and with others is truly what yoga is all about.

I've had the fortune of teaching in Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, & Curacao

Thank you for joining me on this journey and I look forward to seeing you in class!

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"I have taken Wyatt’s yoga classes and have collaborated several events with him. Wyatt is knowledgeable with various modalities of body work, respectful of personal space, and is dedicated to his ever evolving yoga practice. He is a supportive guide yet still makes sure we are reaching our full potential during the session. I also enjoy his humor when we are in the peak of the practice and the poses are getting challenging. From the beginning meditation to savasanna Wyatt is very intentional, progressive and holistic when designing his practice. Everyone gets a great work out and overall well being is achieved. I highly recommend Wyatt as a yoga instructor to meet your desired health goals. He is a great listener, is mindfully observant, gives presence and offers a creative customized program with desired results."


-Carla Carey, Sound Healing Practitioner



"The energy that Wyatt brings into any yoga space has always felt safe and comftorable. I leave every session feeling energized and renewed. Wyatt is so good at being sensitive to everyones skill level, and pushing us accordingly. I look forward to every session!"


"The classes embrace what those came to work towards. Wyatt is very good at listening to the students and being able to change last minute. The sessions fit towards what the students want their ability. He's very good at listening to the abilities, as some may not be able to do specific poses so he helps and adapts. I continue to come to classes because he listens, he shows new ways, & he's very comforting when he teaches. He has really added to my love for yoga."


" I enjoy attending Wyatt's yoga classes for several reasons. His private studio where he teaches is centrally located, and easy to access. I especially enjoy all the windows in the studio. Wyatt offers of a variety of yoga classes to select from. Since I can't always do his power yoga, I prefer his slow flow, yin, and restorative classes. Since my hearing is poor I appreciate the fact that Wyatt does not play his music loud which also makes it possible to hear his cues. Wyatt leads classes by demonstrating most postures and providing gentle hands on assists which I always appreciate accepting. Wyatt's class fees are very affordable and available in person or via zoom which I appreciate."



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